Buns & Bagels


Brioche Burger Bun

Mini Brioche

Available in 70g (small), 85g (medium),

100g (large), with or without seeds

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Available in  21g (canape), 23g or 28g (slider), 40g and 50g, with or without seeds

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Pain de Mie Bun


Light Brioche Bun

Lighter in colour and taste.

Available in 85g and 100g

Plain, Poppy, Sesame or Mixed Seeds. Available in 28g (mini), 70g (medium) 

and 100g (large)

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hot dog rolls

White soft with milk and sugar.

Available in 50g, 80g and 100g

Made with brioche dought

Hot dog buns Available in 28g (canape), 50g, 80g and 100g.

Mini Brioche tins available in 23g

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Vegan Bun

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Coloured Bun

Made with ciabatta dough

these buns do not contain dairy or eggs.

Available in 100g and 120g

Made with pain de mie dough and activated charcoal (black), red  or turmeric (yellow), in 40g,80g or 100g 


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