Sandwich Breads

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Plain Tins

Flavoured Tins

White tin, Brown “BdP”, Sourdough, White Pain de Mie, Brioche, Wholemeal Pain de Mie. Can be sliced vertically (11mm or 14mm) or laterally (11mm)

gallery/white paillassou

Sundried tomatoes & paprika, crispy onions, turmeric, charcoal. Available in 850g and 1600g (soon). Can be sliced vertically (11mm or 14mm) or laterally (11mm)

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Pain Viennois

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Seeded Tins

Healthy Rye & spelt tin (850g and 1400g), seeded sourdough and Granary pain de mie. Can be sliced vertically (11mm or 14mm) or laterally (11mm)

All our baguettes (see “Baguette” section) are available in half baguettes (170g), ideal for traditional French sandwiches! Available full-baked or part-baked

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Half Baguette

Brioche Hot Dog Buns

Made with eggs and milk, ideal for softer sandwich! Available in 100gd round 500g

Available in 23g, 28g, 50g 80g and 100g



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Delicious ciabatta made with a lot of olive oil! Available in 170g or 400-500g

Available in plain, sea salt, rosemary, sundried tomatoes or kalamata olives, in 250g, 800g or 1400g 


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Sliced Traditional

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All our traditional breads (see “Traditional Breads” section) are available sliced (12mm) for a small extra!