Sourdough Breads

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Tourte de Seigle

100% sour brown bread, our signature loaf, available in round: 550g & 850g , and in 1.6kg long shaped, *48h notice*.

gallery/white paillassou

100% rye sour breads available in 600g long shaped, 1kg round and 1.2kg tin,

*48h notice*


 Pain de Campagne

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Rye Sunflower/Raisins

Rye Sunflower or Raisins, the german bread:  available in 600g long shaped, *48h notice*

Available in 350g, *48h notice* 

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Sourdough Baguette

A milder version of our Napoleon bread, with stoneground flour: available in round: 120g, 200g, 500g, and 800g long shaped, *48h notice*

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Healthy Tin

Rye and spelt multiseeded tin loaf, the healthy version: available in tin: 850g and 1.5kg, *48h notice*